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Associations & Professional Organizations

Association for Behavior Analysis International®

The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

Associação Brasileira de Psicoterapia e Medicina Comportamental

The Associação Brasileira de Psicologia e Medicina Comportamental (Brazilian Association of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine; ABPMC) was established in November 1991, and was one of the first South American membership organizations for researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, professionals, and students interested in the application, teaching, and scientific and technological development of behavior analysis. ABPMC has 2,092 members and more than 11,000 names on its mailing list. Members come from all over 26 Brazilian states.


Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de las Ciencias del Comportamiento

ABA Colombia es una organización que tiene como objetivo promover las ciencias del comportamiento, desarrollar y apoyar la investigación, la formación, la intervención y la tecnología científica en todos aquellos campos que impliquen el comportamiento. Provee espacios de información e intercambio de conocimientos y experiencias a los miembros de la comunidad.

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Founded in 2005 (incorporated in 2006), the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) is dedicated to the advancement of functional contextual cognitive and behavioral science and practice so as to alleviate human suffering and advance human well being.


Association of Professional Behavior Analysts

The Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA)is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization whose mission is to represent the interests of professional behavior analyst practitioners who are credentialed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. (BACB) and to work with federal, state, governmental, and third party entities to enhance recognition of BACB-credentialed professional behavior analysts.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services. The BACB adheres to the national standards for boards that grant professional credentials. The BACB certification procedures and content undergo regular psychometric review and validation, pursuant to a job analysis survey of the profession and standards established by content experts in the field.

B. F. Skinner Foundation

The B. F. Skinner Foundation promotes the science founded by B. F. Skinner and supports the practices derived from that science. In so doing, the Foundation advances a more humane world by replacing coercive techniques with positive procedures.


Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is a nonprofit organization that harnesses the expertise of hundreds of behavioral scientists to solve problems in the home, school, community, and the workplace.

Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling
Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS®), developed by R. Douglas Greer and colleagues of Teachers College, Columbia University, is an instructional technology based on the system-wide application of scientifically validated educational practices. CABAS® originated to develop a science of teaching, to develop schools based entirely on the use of scientific procedures for classroom management, pedagogy, curriculum design, staff training, and parent education, and to make education learner driven.

Current Directions in Behavioral Science

Current Directions in Behavioral Science is a blog maintained by Dr. Matthew Normand, an associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of the Pacific.

Division 25 of the American Psychological Association

Among the APA divisions that advance psychology as a natural science, the Division 25 (Behavior Analysis)is perhaps unique in its emphasis on behavior as a subject matter in its own right.


Organizational Behavior Management Network

Founded in 1982, the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Network exists to develop, enhance, and support the growth and vitality of Organizational Behavior Management through research, education, practice, and collaboration. The OBM Network accomplishes this mission through networking, journal publications, newsletters, online resources, and a bi-annual conference.

Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior

The Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior (SQAB) was founded in 1978 by M. L. Commons and J. A. Nevin to present symposia and publish material which bring a quantitative analysis to bear on the understanding of behavior. This International Society holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). Talks at SQAB focus on the development and use of mathematical formulations to: characterize one or more dimensions of an obtained data set, derive predictions to be compared with data, and generate novel data analyses.

Journals of Behavior Analysis, Psychology & Special Education

American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a scientific, scholarly, and archival multidisciplinary journal for reporting original contributions of the highest quality to knowledge of intellectual disability, its causes, treatment, and prevention.

Analysis of Verbal Behavior

Analysis of Verbal Behavior is published annually by the Association for Behavior Analysis International and is primarily for the original publication of experimental or theoretical papers relevant to a behavioral analysis of verbal behavior.

Autism is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly, international journal, providing research of direct and practical relevance to help improve the quality of life for individuals with autism or autism-related disorders.

Behavior Analysis in Practice
Behavior Analysis in Practice is a peer-reviewed translational publication designed to provide science-based, best-practice information relevant to service delivery in behavior analysis.

Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice
Behavior Analysis: Research and Practiceis a multidisciplinary journal committed to increasing the communication between the subdisciplines within behavior analysis and psychology, and bringing up-to-date information on current developments within the field. It publishes original research, reviews of the discipline, theoretical and conceptual work, applied research, program descriptions, research in organization and the community, clinical work, and curricular developments.

Behavior Development Bulletin
Behavioral Development Bulletin informs the field of life-span developmental psychology by taking a behavioral analytic approach, including research in cognitive and emotional development, developmental theory, socialization, education, and speech-language pathology. It looks at the biological and environmental factors and systems that affect behavioral development, while maintaining primary interest in the role of reinforcement and environmental contingencies that influence behavior change.

Behavioural Pharmacology

Behavioural Pharmacology publishes original research reports in diverse areas, ranging from ethopharmacology to the pharmacology of schedule-controlled operant behaviour, provided that their primary focus is behavioural.

Behavioral Interventions
Behavioral Interventions aims to report research and practice involving the utilization of behavioral techniques in the treatment, education, assessment and training of students, clients or patients, as well as training techniques used with staff.

Behavior Modification
Behavior Modification presents insightful research, reports, and reviews on applied behavior modification. Each issue offers successful assessment and modification techniques applicable to problems in psychiatric, clinical, educational, and rehabilitative settings, as well as treatment manuals and program descriptions.

Behavioural Processes
Behavioural Processes is dedicated to the publication of high-quality original research on animal behaviour from any theoretical perspective. It welcomes contributions that consider animal behaviour from behavioural analytic, cognitive, ethological, ecological and evolutionary points of view.

Behavior and Social Issues
Behavior and Social Issues is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal which serves as a primary scholarly outlet for articles that advance the analysis of human social behavior, particularly with regard to understanding and influencing important social problems.

Child & Family Behavior Therapy
Child & Family Behavior Therapy focuses on the practical applications of behavior therapy and offers original research, examples, and behavioral techniques for parents, teachers, mental health professionals, and counselors.

Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities is the flagship journal for the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children.

Education & Treatment of Children
Education & Treatment of Children is devoted to the dissemination of information concerning the development of services for children and youth. A primary criterion for publication is that the material be of direct value to educators, parents, child care providers, or mental health professionals in improving the effectiveness of their services.

European Journal of Behavior Analysis

European Journal of Behavior Analysis is published by the Norwegian Association for Behavior Analysis, and is primarily for the original publication of experimental reports and theoretical/conceptual papers relevant to the analysis of the behavior of individual organisms.

Exceptional Children
Insightful and pioneering research, topical issues, and broad perspectives by leaders in the field for more than 75 years have made
Exceptional Children  one of the most respected scholarly journals in special education. This peer-review journal publishes research, research reviews, methodological reviews of literature, data-based position papers, and policy analyses on the education and development of children and youth with exceptionalities. 

International Journal of Comparative Psychology
International Journal of Comparative Psychology publishes studies on the evolution and development of animal behavior, including humans.

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities addresses issues concerning individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families. Manuscripts reflect a wide range of disciplines, including education, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, social work, and related areas.

Journal of Behavior Assessment and Intervention in Children
Journal of Behavior Assessment and Intervention in Children is a publication of the American Psychological Association.

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry is the flagship journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and is a leading journal in psychiatric research and treatment of the child and adolescent.

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychology journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance.

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders is a peer-reviewed, scholarly periodical focusing on all aspects of autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities.

Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science
The aim of the
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science is to publish original research articles and reviews in the general field of behavioural and brain function.

Journal of Behavioral Education
Journal of Behavioral Education is a journal devoted to publishing original research papers on the application of behavioral principles and technology to education and on the use of within subject replication designs to study educational issues, problems, and practices.  

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  publishes original contributions on the  development, validity, and use of techniques of diagnosis and treatment of disordered behavior.

The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS) is the official journal of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. JCBS welcomes manuscripts across a breadth of domains from basic behavioral science to clinical trials. Research concerning the measurement and testing of process of change is particularly welcome.

Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities
Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities is an interdisciplinary forum for original research and clinical reports drawn from a variety of fields serving persons with developmental and physical disabilities. The journal publishes research utilizing group comparisons as well as single-case experimental designs.

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior is a psychology journal primarily for the original publication of experiments relevant to the behavior of individual organisms.

Journals of Gerontology
Journals of Gerontology were the first journals on aging published in the United States. The Journals of Gerontology series publishes within its covers The Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences & The Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.

Journal of Learning Disabilities

Journal of Learning Disabilities is one of the best journals in the area of learning disabilities. The editorial board reflects the international, multidisciplinary nature of the journal, comprising researchers and practitioners in numerous fields, including education, psychology, neurology, medicine, law, and counseling.

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
Journal of Organizational Behavior Management is the official journal of the OBM Network, and is devoted to improve organizational performance through behavior change. The journal publishes research and review articles, reports from the field, discussions, and book reviews.

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions offers sound, research-based principles of positive behavior support for use in school, home, and community settings with people with challenges in behavioral adaptation.

Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration
Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration is a publication of the Standard Celeration Society.

Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research

The mission of the
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research is to publish peer-reviewed, empirical research in the areas of normal and disordered speech, language, and hearing. The Journal provides new information and theoretical approaches important for understanding normal processes involved in speech, language, and hearing and to the clinical management (e.g., screening, diagnosis, habilitation, or rehabilitation) of communication disorders.

Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis
The mission of the
Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis is to provide a forum for professionals from the fields of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and speech-language pathology (SLP) to exchange information of mutual interest.

Learning and Motivation

Learning and Motivation features original experimental research devoted to the analysis of basic phenomena and mechanisms of learning, memory, and motivation.

Research In Developmental Disabilities
Research In Developmental Disabilities is aimed at publishing original research of an interdisciplinary nature that has a direct bearing on the remediation of problems associated with developmental disabilities.

The Behavior Analyst
The Behavior Analyst is the official publication of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. The journal was first published in 1978 by the Midwestern Association of Behavior Analysis.

The Behavior Analyst Today
The Behavior Analyst Today is an online journal. The journal was first published in 1999  by Joseph Cautilli  and Beth Rosenwasser. Most contributions are by invitation and all are then peer-reviewed and edited.

The Journal of Special Education
The Journal of Special Education  provides research articles and scholarly reviews on special education for individuals with mild to severe disabilities.

The Interbehaviorist
The Interbehaviorist was founded by Noel W. Smith as the Interbehavioral Psychology Newsletter and was published from 1970 to 1996. This was in print format. It also existed for a time after 1996 in electronic format.

The Psychological Record
The Psychological Record is a quarterly journal of psychology. The journal was founded by J.R. Kantor in 1937, with B.F. Skinner serving as the experimental department editor at the journal’s inception. The journal publishes psychological theory and research articles concerned with a broad range of scientific topics in the discipline.

Journals with Content in Portuguese & Spanish

Acta Comportamentalia: Revista Latina de Análisis del Comportamiento
Acta Comportamentalia se publica bajo el auspicio de la Universidad de Veracruzana (México) y el soporte digital de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Constituye una revista internacional enfocada a la publicación de manuscritos originales sobre análisis del comportamiento en las principales lenguas latinas: castellano, portugués, francés e italiano. La revista se plantea como foro de alto nivel científico que permite expresar la tradición, originalidad e innovación de la cultura latina, como una veta enriquecedora de los puntos de vista de un área del conocimiento científico que, hasta la fecha, se ha construido desde la perspectiva pragmática de la cultura anglosajona.

Análisis y Modificación de Conducta
Análisis y Modificación de Conducta es  una revista de psicología clínica que acepta trabajos de cualquier metodología propia de esta temática. La revista fue fundada en 1975 en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. En 1979, con el traslado del director desde La Laguna a Valencia, se realizó el traslado desde Canarias a Valencia. Al filo de la entrada en el nuevo siglo, se pasó de cuatro a seis números al año y así se mantuvo hasta el año actual cuando se redujo a dos. La revista se publica en español e inglés.   

Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana
La revista
Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana es una revista con evaluación por pares, que publica artículos de carácter integrador en todas las áreas de la psicología. Incluye contribuciones empíricas, teóricas originales y revisiones en profundidad. Los artículos se publican en español, portugués, inglés e italiano con resumen y palabras clave en español e inglés.

Revista Brasileira de Terapia Comportamental e Cognitiva
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Comportamental e Cognitiva é publicação quadrimestral da Associação Brasileira de Psicologia e Medicina Comportamental (ABPMC). A Revista tem como objetivo publicar contribuições de artigos de abordagem comportamental e cognitiva, supondo-se um objetivo comum: o método experimental como maneira de produzir conhecimento, conceitos formados a partir de observações sistemáticas e análises comportamentais, partindo-se da aceitação de que o objeto de estudo dessas abordagens em psicologia é complexo mas ordenado e não casual.

Revista Colombiana de Psicología
Revista Colombiana de Psicología es una publicación semestral del Departamento de Psicología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. La revista está dirigida a instituciones educativas y culturales interesadas en los desarrollos de la disciplina psicológica, así como a psicólogos, estudiantes de psicología y disciplinas afines. Su objetivo principal es la divulgación de trabajos originales y arbitrados que se enmarquen en cualquiera de las áreas de investigación, básica o aplicada, propias de la psicología, y que contribuyan al avance y al crecimiento inter-disciplinario de esta, así como a su impacto social.  

Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología publica trabajos empíricos y teóricos, en el abordaje de problemas de carácter básico y aplicado, en todas las áreas de la psicología. Fundada por Rubén Ardila y publicada sin interrupción durante 42 años, la RLP ha sido considerada como una de las revistas de psicología más importantes en lengua castellana.

Revista Mexicana de Análisis de la Conducta
Revista Mexicana de Análisis de la Conducta publica desde 1975 investigaciones originales de tipo empírico y conceptual sobre los principales temas de estudio del comportamiento animal y humano. La revista admite articulos escritos en español y/o en inglés y se publica en forma impresa y digital.

Revista Mexicana de Investigación en Psicología
Revista Mexicana de Investigación en Psicología (RMIP) es el órgano oficial del Sistema Mexicano de Investigación en Psicología (SMIP) y es Auspiciada por el Centro Universitario de la Ciénega, de la Universidad de Guadalajara. La RMIP es una revista de acceso gratuito y se publica dos veces al año (Junio y Diciembre), tanto en papel como en Internet.   

Revista Psicothema
Revista Psicothema fue fundada en Asturias en 1989 y está editada conjuntamente por la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad de Oviedo y el Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos del Principado de Asturias. Psicothema es una revista de acceso abierto lo que significa que todo el contenido está a disposición de cualquier usuario o institución sin cargo alguno. Los usuarios pueden leer, descargar, copiar, distribuir, imprimir, buscar, o realizar enlaces a los textos completos de esta revista sin pedir permiso previo al editor o al autor, siempre y cuando la fuente original sea referenciada.  

Universitas Psychologica

Universitas Psychologica es una publicación de la Facultad de Psicología de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia). La revista tiene un amplio y diverso espectro temático y teórico. Es una publicación de carácter general y plural en la medida en que incluye trabajos de los diversos enfoques de la psicología.UP

Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching is a quantitative form of applied behavior analysis in education, a precise and systematic method of evaluating instructional tactics and curricula.  Precision Teaching was initially developed by Ogden R. Lindsleyand Eric C. Haughton in the 1960s based largely on the work of  B. F. Skinner and Fred S. Keller.  

Precision Teaching: Selected Articles 

Binder, C., & Watkins, C. L. (1990).
Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction: Measurably superior instructional technology in schools. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 3, 74-96. 

Boyce, T. E. & Hineline, P. N. (2002).
Interteaching: A strategy for enhancing the user-friendliness of behavioral arrangements in the college classroom.The Behavior Analyst, 25, 215 - 226. 

Calkin, A. B. (2005).
Precision teaching: The Standard Celeration Charts.The Behavior Analyst Today, 6, 207 -235.  

Keller, F. S. (1968).
“Good Bye, Teacher…”  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1, 79–89  

Lattal, K. A. (2004).
Steps and pips in the history of the cumulative recorder. Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 82, 329-355.

Lindsley, O. R. (1964).
Direct measurement and prosthesis of retarded behavior. Journal of Education, 147, 62-81.  

Lindsley, O.R. (1971).
From Skinner to Precision Teaching: The child knows best. In J. B. Jordan & L. S. Robbins (Eds.), Let’s try doing something else kind of thing (pp. 1- 11). Arlington, VA: Council for Exceptional Children.

Lindsley, O.R. (1991).
From technical jargon to plain English for application.The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 24, 449-458.

Lindsley, Ogden R. (1991).
"Precision Teaching's Unique Legacy from B. F. Skinner".Journal of Behavioral Education,  1, 253–266.  

Lindsley, O. R. (1992).
Precision teaching: Discoveries and effects.Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 25, 51-57.   Potts, L.,

Eshleman, J. W.,  & Cooper, J. O. (1993).
Ogden R. Lindsley and the historical development of precision teaching.  The Behavior Analyst, 16, 177-189.

Precision Teaching: Other Resources

Owen White: Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching Hub & Wiki

The Precision Teaching Book

Fluency Org!

Health and Safety in Population with Disabilities

Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Mobility Disabilities’s Guide to Health Information and Resources

Disability Accommodation Cost Guide

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide’s Guide to Transportation

Disability and Obesity

Physical Activity for People with Disabilities

The National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices


Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism Center of Excellence
Series Developed and Hosted by Wayne Fuqua, Western Michigan University

Alan Poling
Pharmacology and Autism

Brett R. Kuhn
Assessment and Treatment of Behavioral Sleep Problems

Brian A. Iwata
Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior

Brian A. Iwata
Assessment and Treatment of Self-Injury

Cathleen C. Piazza
Assessment and Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Douglas Wood
Treating Habits Disorders in Children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Iser de Leon
Stimulus Preference Assessment Procedures

Keith Allen
Behavioral Approaches to Preparing Children for Medical, Dental and Personal Care Appointments

Mary Jane Weiss
Teaching Social Skills

Tim Vollmer
Differential Reinforcement Procedures in Applied Behavior Analysis

Wayne W. Fisher
Functional Communication Training: Research Foundations

Wayne W. Fisher
Treatment of Problem Behavior Using Functional Communication Training: Clinical Applications
Autism Centre of Excellence
The Ohio State University

William L. Heward
Applied Behavior Analysis in Education

History of Behavior Analysis


John B. Watson & Rosalie Rayner
Little Albert experiment (1920)

Ivan Pavlov
Pavlov Experiments in Classical Conditioning

Neal A. Miller and Gardner L. Hart
Motivation and Reward in Learning (1948)

B. F. Skinner
Shapping (Pigeon Turn)
Operant Conditioning

Behavior Theory in Practice
Written & Produced by Ellen P. Reese in 1965

Behavior Theory in Practice (Part 1)
Behavior Theory in Practice (Part 2)

Burrhus Frederic Skinner

What did B. F. Skinner do?

Project Pigeon
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Learning and Behavior (1959)

Walden II, Social Values, Control, Educational System, Statistical Methods (1964)

On Having a Poem (1971)

Demonstration of Operant Conditioning (1971)

Business Behaviorism and the Bottom Line (1972)

Token Economy: Behaviorism Applied (1972)

B. F. Skinner & Geoffrey Warnock – A discussion about Behavior Control: Freedom and Morality (1972)

A Conversation with B. F. Skinner (1972)

The Limits of Human Freedom (1974)

About Behaviorism (1977)

A World of Difference: B. F. Skinner and The Good Life (1979)

Philosophy of Behaviorism (1988)

B. F. Skinner on Education

B. F. Skinner on Token Economy

It Is Possible to Change the Ways People Treat Each Other

B. F. Skinner Lectures Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Robert Epstein & B. F.  Skinner with Pigeons
Part 1
Part 2

Lifetime Achievement Award, APA 1990
B. F. Skinner's speech at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention on 8/10/1990 (with subtitles in Portuguese)

Sigrid Glenn’s History of Behavior Analysis
Structured interviews done by Sigrid Glenn and collaborators from the University of North Texas with some of the pioneers of behavior analysis.

Ayllon, Teodoro  

Andronis, Paul

Bailey, Bob

Brady, Joseph V.

Chiesa, Mecca

Baum, William

Catania, Charles

Daniels, Aubrey

Donahoe, John

Etzel, Barbara

Feeney, Edward

Gerhenson, Celia

Gleen, Sigrid

Green, Leonard

Hineline, Philip

Holland, James

Iwata, Brian

Johnson, Kent

Killeen, Peter

Laties, Victor

Lattal, Darnell

Lattal, Kennon Andy

Layng, T. V. Joe

LeBlanc, Linda & Carr, James E.

Lutzker, John

Mallot, Dick

Marr, M. Jackson

McIntire, Roger

Mechner, Francis

Michael, Jack

Moore, Jay

Neuringer, Allen

Nevin, Joan A. "Tony"

Palmer, David

Pear, Joseph

Rachlin, Howard

Schneider, Susan

Sidman, Murray

Staddon, John E. R.

Sulzer-Azaroff,  Beth

Thompson, Travis

Vargas, Julie

Special Event at the Department of Behavior Analysis - University of North Texas
Joe Bradey, James Holland, Charlie Catania, Victor Laties & Murray Sidman  

A Panel Discussion
A Conversation
A Toast to B. F. Skinner and Fred Keller

Others Moments in the History of Behavior Analysis

Richard Malott
Vivian Snapper interview Dick Malott in his energy efficient house  built by him in Michigan in the late 70’s early 80s. Vivian probably did this interview in 1981.

Ole Ivar Lovaas
Early interview of Dr. Ivar Lovaas

Nathan H. Azrin
Autobiography (2009)

Sidney W. Bijou
Child Behavioral Therapy
Video card from Nuevos Horizontes, Hermosillo (Mexico) on Bijou's 100th Anniversary!

Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior (SQAB)

Alex Kacelnik, "Facts and Theories in Decision Making: Sturnus Vulgaris vs. Benjamin Franklin

Allen Neuringer, "Variability of the Operant"

Alliston Reid, "Understanding Response Sequences"

Amy Odum, "Delayed Discounting: What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How?"

Armando Machado, "Probability: Basic Ideas, Techniques, and Applications"

Ben Williams, "Behavioral Analysis and Medical Strategy: A Case in "Terminal" Cancer"

A. Charles Catania, "Creating Artificial Behavior: A Tutorial on Modeling"
Charles P. Shimp, "Explicit Methods and Implicit Value in Quantitative Behavioral Models"

Edmund Fantino, "Delay Reduction"

Daniel Cerutti, "Temporal Regulation of Choice"

Gene Heyman, "The Matching Law"

Geoffrey R. Loftus, "Hypothesis Testing: Curse or Abomination?"

K. Geoffrey White, "Memory as Discrimination"

Gerald Shook, "The Behavior Analyst Certification Board and the Behavior Analysis Profession"

Gordon M. Burghardt, "Evolution, Behavioral Variation, and Plasticity"

Gregory Galbicka, "Response Shaping and Percentile Schedules"

C. R. Gallistel, "Action Hierarchy"

Howard Rachlin, "Matching"

Jack J. McDowell, "Fitting Equations to Data"

Jack J. McDowell, "Uniformity, Chaos, and Complexity: Mining Wolfram's A New Kind of Science"

James MacDonall, "Getting Started in Quantitative Analyses of Behavior"

James E. Mazur, "Choice and the Hyperbolic Decay of Reinforcer Strength"

James Townsend, "Chaos"

Joel Myerson, "Cognitive Aging: A Behavior-Theoretic Approach"

John W. Donahoe, "Neural Networks"

John C. Malone, "Radical Behaviorism, Part One"

John C. Malone, "Radical Behaviorism; Part Two"

John Nevin, "Behavioral Momentum"

John Staddon, "Dynamics"

John Wixted, "Signal Detection"

John Wixted, "Classical Signal Detection Theory: ROC Analysis"

Kennon A. Lattal, "Facets of Operant Extinction"

Jennifer Higa, "Timing"

Leonard Green, "The Discounting Function"

Marc Branch "Behavioral Pharmacology"

Michael Davison, "What Reinforcers Do to Behavior"

Michael Davison, "What 'Reinforcers' Do to Behavior, II: Signposts to the Future"

M. Jackson Marr, "What Good is Mathematics? Modeling in Behavior Analysis."

M. Christopher Newland, "Applied Modeling and the Identification of Behavioral Mechanisms of Action"

Michael Perone, "Behavioral Variability: Control, Description, and Analysis"

Mia Stephens, "Exploration, Visualization, and Analysis with JMP"

Michael T. Turvey, "Ecological Psychology: Nonrepresentational Perception and Action"

Murray Sidman, "The Scientist/ Practitioner in Behavior Analysis: A Case Study"

Neville Blampied, "Single-Case Research: Use Tools for 21st Century Applied Science

Paul T. Andronis, "Evolution"

Peter Balsam, "Part 1: Pavlovian Conditioning"

Peter Balsam, "Pavlovian Conditioning, Part 2: Associations, Accumulators and Cartographers"

Peter Balsam "Time, Uncertainty and Anticipation"

Peter R. Killeen, "The Law of Affect"

Peter R. Killeen, "Analyses of Response Times, IRTs, Rts, and ts"

Peter R. Killeen, "Timing (Parsing Sagely Rosemary's Time)"

Peter R. Killeen, "The St. Petersburg Paradox at 300: Roots, Ramifications, and Resolutions"

Philip Hineline, "Aversive Events and Behavior"

Randolph Grace, "Introduction to Quantitative Analysis of Behavior"

Randolph Grace, "Choice and Value"

Randolph Grace, "Quantification" (Part 1)

Randolph Grace, "Quantification" (Part 2)

Robert Cook, "Stimulus Control"

Robert MacPhail, "Environment, Behavior, and Pollution: Quantifying Risk"

Russell Church, "Simulation of Quantitative Models of Behavior"

Stephen Fowler, "Measurement of the Behavior Stream"

Steven Hursh, "Behavioral Economics"

Steven Stout, "Pavlovian Conditioning"

Tim Shahan, "Conditioned Reinforcement"

William Baum, "Choice"

William Baum, "Dynamics of Choice"

 William Timberlake, "Behavior Systems"

TED Talks

Bart Weetjens
How I taught rats to sniff out land mines and TB

Matt Brodhead
Science or Snake Oil? The Story of Facilitated Communication

Verbal Behavior

B. F. Skinner discuss
verbal behavior with Eve Segalof San Diego State University in an interview conducted at Harvard University in February, 1988.

Mark L. Sundberg describes
the origins of behavior analytic applications

VB-MAPP App: Webinar

PECS and Skinner's Verbal Behavior

James Partington describes effective interventions for the acquisition of verbal behavior  
Verbal Behavior Part 1
Verbal Behavior Part 2
Verbal Behavior Part 3
Verbal Behavior Part 4
Verbal Behavior Part 5
Verbal Behavior Part 6
Verbal Behavior Part 7
Verbal Behavior Part 8

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